Who is Shonaleigh?


Shonaleigh is a Druts’yla, and carries on a living unbroken oral tradition passed down from grandmother to granddaughter by generations of Jewish women. Having learned the Drut’syla tradition from the age of four, Shonaleigh knows around 4,000 tales that she can recall on request, using the lost art of ‘stories within stories’. She is very likely the last carrier of this age-old tradition.

Shonaleigh is frequently invited to storytelling festivals and events across the UK, Europe, America and Australasia. She has worked with numerous organisations, including the BBC and Hull Truck Theatre.

Shonaleigh is an experienced and highly skilled performer and regularly collaborates with some of the UK’s most respected storytellers including Daniel Morden, Dr Simon Heywood and Peter Chand. To keep updated about what Shonaleigh is up to, visit her online diary.

Shonaleigh has also worked with a number of projects related to the Holocaust memorial, and has run training for the Leo Baeck Rabbincal College.

She is an associate lecturer in the University of Derby’s Creative Writing department.

As possibly the last carrier of this age-old tradition, Shonaleigh also runs a number of courses where she shares the Drut’syla storytelling techniques with students from across the globe. For more information about this, please visit House of the West Wind.

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