What is Story Labyrinth?

Story Labyrinth is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get totally immersed in stories. By coming together for 10 days we create the space for Shonaleigh to tell all the stories in a particular story cycle – in this case the Gem Cycle: the Ruby Tree, the Diamond Girl, the Opal Forest, the Sapphire Staff and the Emerald Sea. So the lattice can be unfurled with all its links, pathways, their junctions, their intersections… and more.

This is an unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in stories or in oral and lost cultures to come and help to document and archive this tradition through listening, requesting stories and asking questions.

This will be the first time these stories have been told so fully since before WWII, so the first time in around 70-80 years.  And the very first time done in this way. This storytelling event will be recorded by Dr Simon Heywood, as part of the “Last Drut’syla?” project, in order to create an archive of this tradition’s stories.

What will it feel like?

Have you ever sat and listened to a story and thought “I want to get lost in this”.  This is a chance to do that. To get lost in that world. To walk the in-between. To embrace your inner crone, princess, hero, or whatever. To lose yourself in a world of story.

Have you ever dreamed of going into nature to listen to and play with stories for days, with spare time to lie on the grass and look for shapes in the clouds and to explore some creative activities… have you ever dreamed of entering the labyrinth?

Shonaleigh’s Bubbe (Grandmother) used to say, “Getting lost is a really good thing.  Because only when you are truly lost do you ask the right questions.”

We will be moving from one story to another… walking them… interacting with them… talking about issues raised… in the story, around the story, in the spaces in between… for sometimes the true nature of stories is to speak the unspeakable… and to explore the space between the words.

Shonaleigh will be telling stories in the mornings and evenings and in the afternoons there will be workshops, activities and walks on offer… expect story circles, storytelling skills workshops, labyrinth making, discussions, meditations and craft activities. If you would like to offer a workshop or lead an activity, please get in contact.

This is a rare and precious chance to hear these ancient tales in the light and on the tongue, stories untold for two generations and barely spoken of for decades. If you are interested, get in contact to be placed on the waitlist. Bookings will reopen January 2021 and places will be limited.

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